Why businesses are choosing ShoreTel for unified communications

Let’s start by asking a simple question – how often do you communicate with your global customers? Regularly? Frequently? Selectively? Timely? Rarely? You can choose your answer, but the fact remains that businesses across the world, irrespective of size and industry, acknowledge the importance of b2b communications to build business relations with potential leads. Fortunately we are living in the era of cloud computing where communication can be processed through applications that can be integrated among various platforms. One name, that has with time emerged as the first choice for many business users and decision makers is – ShoreTel – the technology that facilitates unified communications and strikes a chord in digital networking through its varied lines of commuinications solutions.
Businesses require selective and positve communication throughout the entire sales and after sales cycle. The best way to establish a fulfilling relationship with their clients and customers depends on how effectively they approach communcation issues and use necessary technology and other means to simplify it. ShoreTel is a one stop solution for all kinds of business communications. So let’s try to understand why businesses are using ShoreTel for unified communications.
Benefits of choosing ShoreTel
ShoreTel comes with the promise of ease and satisfaction, offering integrated features such as instant messaging, application for presence-check of co-workers, voicemail, email, video-audio conferencing, desktop sharing with remote access and remote collaboration, and calendaring. The main benefits of using ShoreTel technology are:
  • IP Phone Systsem: Communicating with clients overseas can be a very expensive affair if done singularly through telephone service. With ShoreTel’s IP Phone Systsem, that uses VoIP, that is voice call routed through LAN connection, callers can use the VoIP enabled phone system and the IP PBX anywhere and everywhere. So, without having to miss any call, marketers can simply make great business communications.
  • Virtualization: With desktop virtualization, ShoreTel's user applications can onboard employees and contractors without losing much time and money on the installation of too many client-specific applications.
  • ShorTel’s Contact Center: ShorTel’s contact center solutions feature Interactive Voice Response (IVR), intelligent routing, outbound, and media handling. Through integrated and unified communication solutions, agents and supervisors in call centers can make both external and internal calls and effectively communicate through web chat, email and instant messaging.
  • ShoreTel Mobility: Through ShoreTel Mobility, one can get custom features on iOS and Android based devices that provide unified communications required for employees in the office. These features may range from CRM integration to peer-to-peer web and video conferencing with room-based systems, from instant messaging to all kinds of desk phone features.
     Not being present at your workplace to communicate with your clients is no more an issue. You can now get all telephonic requirements met through ShoreTel's solutions anywhere in the world and enjoy hassle-free business deals. While ShoreTel is the right tool for businesses looking at simplifying communications, the ShoreTeluser lists from TechnologyUser Lists is the right tool for marketers looking at connecting with users and customers using ShoreTel unified communications. We have teams that are skilled in the process of data compilation and can support your b2b campaigns with data that is aligned to your business interests.
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Pros and Cons of Magento Ecommerce

If you want to build a website and have no HTML knowledge then a reliable content management system is the solution. By using relevant content management system, one can manage entire internet marketing strategies under one roof as it’s easy to use and also helps to redesign the website without hassle which in turn saves time.

There are many content management systems available in the market today. Magento is one of the best CMS that most organizations opt for. Magento is an open source CMS for ecommerce websites, by which one can have control over content, look and functionality of their website. So how about getting to know the platform better!

Prons of Magento are:

Open Source Code: Magento is open to community to modify the code according to developer requirements. This helps to improve the product quality in less time. Detection of the bugs and correction is easier as it is user friendly. Additionally, Magento also allows user to add plugins and extensions according to the requirements.

It's Free: Community edition is free for download. It is the best choice for small and mid scale businesses which since it is free of charge. Users don’t need to invest any amount to purchase Magento's ecommerce platform. If user is ready to invest money for more add-ons, the Enterprise edition comes with support from the Magento team.

Cons of Magento are:

Required qualified developers: Magento has more than 200 databases, so you need an expert to select one from the wide base offering. Design, client and server side programming are the areas of web designing field and it’s difficult to find a person who will be an expert in all three fields.

Hosting: Due to the size and complexity of Magento, it can be hosted on dedicated servers which require to be configured by users. Shared hosting structure makes user experience slow for visitors.

Due to these factors the users of Magento CMS are in millions all over the world. If you are a marketers and looking for Magento users to market your services and products then you are at the right place. Invest in the Magento users email list from Technology User Lists. Email marketing yields the best results when personalized. Our databases will help you to personalize your campaigns by offering fresh and deliverable data acquired from business cards, annual reports, government listings, yellow pages and more. Since getting data on users and customers from across the globe is often challenging, we are here to help you with that!

Top 3 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne modules that your business can benefit from!

Before we acquaint you with the benefits of EnterpriseOne, let’s understand what is ERP and how businesses can gain by implementing it.

What is ERP?
ERP eliminates multiple processes, the need to use and maintain numerous software, the challenges of monitoring various accounts and more. As an integrated business management software, ERP helps organizations to collect, store, monitor, manage and analyze from different business activities.

Getting to know JD Edwards:
JD Edwards was the first company to provide ERP solutions for IBM computers in 1977.
Now JDE offers holistic enterprise solutions to many organizations and helps them to manage their business as well as financials and sales. As an ERP vendor, JD Edwards offers several software based on business requirements, the most popular of which is EnterpriseOne. There are more than 80 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application modules for different business operations.

3 JD Edwards modules that your business can benefit from:
The extensive suite of JDE modules can help businesses make a mark for themselves especially in a competitive market where every vendor is trying outshine the other!

Financial Management:
Every organization should have the right financial foundation to maintain accounts. Oracle's JD
Edwards EnterpriseOne financial management solutions can help to streamline financial operations and improve the accuracy of reporting.

Asset Lifecycle Management :
Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Asset Lifecycle Management solution helps you to gain more value from the assets you possess. Through planning, budgeting, operations, maintenance and repair, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Asset Lifecycle Management can maximize profit and ROI across the asset lifecycle.

Manufacturing Management :
EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Management can assist with the entire manufacturing process. JDE EnterpriseOne manufacturing module can help businesses to optimize and develop efficient processes by providing customer satisfaction.

With its extensive suite of applications for improving business productivity and performance, it’s not surprising that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has users and customers from across geographies. If you are a marketer and have the right products and services for users and customers of JD Edwards ERP, then why resort to traditional single channel communication tools and reach limited audiences when by investing in the JDEdwards Customer lists from Technology User Lists you can do so much more!

Data Management Process - Part III

In the last post we discussed the first 3 steps to Data Management

They are:
  • Data Appending
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data De-Duplication
In this post we will discuss the last 3 steps:

Data Verification & Validation

To verify whether the accumulated and appended data is correct or not, our verification team authenticates and validates each of the entries. This sis both a manual as well as an automated process. The technicians verify and validate the phone numbers, postal addresses, and email addresses. They also send validation messages and place calls for further confirmation. During this process the technicians also adds any additional information gathered from the contacts.

Data Segmentation

In this stage all the data collected are again compiled and collated together. We also create customer profiles as per your business requirement. Further, we segment the database as per your specifications to increase its usability. The segmentation is done based on the demographics and other characteristics of your customer information. Segmentation provides you with a framework and better understanding of your target audience and leads to better customer engagement.

Data hygiene & maintenance

It is extremely important to maintain the hygiene of your database. Regular maintenance involves adding, deleting, changing and updating records present in your database. By keeping it fresh and enriched you can drive in the maximum amount of business ROI. 

Data Management Process - Part II

The entire process of data management involves 6 steps:

Data Appending

After acquiring the database from our client, the appending team adds the missing information to the database from our master file. All the added records are fresh and latest. This also helps you to get in touch with your old contacts lying dormant in your database and revive them into quality leads. You can append vital user information such as email address, phone number, postal address, fax number, designation, industry, company, etc.

Data Cleansing

Through this cleansing process, we detect and remove any error and inconsistencies present in the database to improve its quality.  We cleanse your entire database of any incorrect entries to make it fresh and updated.

Data De-duplication

A number of times a database contain duplicate records at multiple places. In this step we eliminate any duplicate entries and replace them with the correct ones.

Stay tune for the next three steps in the next post.

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Data Management Process - Part I

Your business database is one of your biggest assets. You need to manage and maintain it regularly. Since 70% of our business database tend to decay by the end of each year, it is extremely important to opt for data management

Data cleansing can be done both manually and through automation. Through data cleansing you can own a clean, de-duped, improved, complete and correct database. Data cleansing is part of data management that includes:
  • Data appending
  • Data verification
  • Data cleansing
  • Data enhancement
  • Data acquiring
  • Data update
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Aren't you cleaning your database regularly enough?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you leave your entire customer database idle for long?
  • it slowly dwindles down
  • loses its value
  • becomes obsolete
  • becomes full of invalid entries
Have you ever given this a thought? By letting your precious customer or prospect database sit idle you might be letting it die...

Sounds scary? It is! More so, when you might be losing

Through data cleansing, you can remove and mend bad data from your database and improve your campaigns. Any database that is incomplete, incorrect, not properly formatted, and contains invalid entries can be improve through data cleansing.

Data cleansing can be done both manually and through automation. Through data cleansing you can own a clean, de-duped, improved, complete and correct database. Data cleansing is part of data management that includes:
  • Data appending
  • Data verification
  • Data cleansing
  • Data enhancement
  • Data acquiring
  • Data update
Technology User Lists offers Data Cleansing Services that will upgrade the quality of your database and fetch better results.  Click here to fix an appointment with our data expertTo avail any of the above services, click on the button below