The Key Role of Adobe in the Digital Era

Adobe is an applications software developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe helps in effective viewing, creation and manipulation of the Portable Document Format. It ensures that various applications are made available to different devices.  In the beginning, Adobe introduced the Adobe ‘Document Cloud’ with a major goal to have the entire PDFs available on any of the users` electronic devices. It made it easier for users to edit the PDF on an iPAD and later retrieve it on a PC.

Role of Adobe In Digital Era

Adobe and the world of Designing:

Designers have to imbibe new skills to be able to make an impact on business and design. Avid designers should have to move past the outdated skill based way of thinking where we hope to have success by simply learning applications or technologies. Companies today value designing and often incorporate design to the overall business strategy. By incorporating designing, businesses are able to create design and build business strategy for an impactful experience.

Adobe in digital publishing:

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers set of integrated digital marketing solutions. In addition to ensuring that marketers effectively organize, access, and personalize marketing content, Adobe ensures that customers have the ability to deliver the best experiences across channels. The future of publishing looks bright, more so with the media focussing on devices that deliver digital newspapers, magazines and books.

Adobe emerged as a highly dependable software that ensures that users of different computer systems may successfully transfer documents from one computer to another through internet or secondary storage products for better view. The PDF formats may be read by any computer.

Adobe in image editing:

Adobe Photoshop continues to be the leader in photo editing. It is an industry standard for image editing and with the Creative Cloud release it is now more versatile. Whether it is a staple for print designers or web designers and video professionals; Adobe has become more integral to business solutions. It is particularly important for businesses that focus on graphically appealing content and more.

Adobe is a versatile software that has been incorporated into businesses worldwide and at Technology User Lists we provide authentic Adobe users lists that will give you access to valid data. It is a boon for technology marketers who wish to make it big in the world of business communication and brand building. Excel in business communication and take your campaigns a notch higher with the authentic mailing data.  Adobe has transformed the business landscape effectively.  Reach Adobe users and promote your services to them effectively with lists from Technology User Lists.

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Benefits of Infor CRM Software

Ease of implementation, robust functionality, and high deployment flexibility makes Infor CRM the platform of choice for manufacturing and distribution companies strategically focused on customer engagements. Infor CRM helps you strengthen your activities by using combing customer relationship across your sales, marketing and support teams.

Your customer relationships are the driving force of your business. Therefore, by offering a complete view of every customer touch point across your sales, marketing and support teams, Infor CRM enables you to maximize the impact of every interaction across the entire customer life cycle whether in the office or out in the field.

So what makes Infor CRM the market leader for medium and large businesses?

1. Infor CRMs’ flexible license and payment options suits your financial needs. You can select from multiple license types, mix-and-match and align roles with appropriate licenses.

2. It’s easy usability and intuitive functionality enhances productivity for your team. Your team will be up and running quickly with Infor CRM thanks to the easy-to-learn-and-use interface. You can realize high user acceptance and rapid productivity from your team.

3. Ownership and control of your CRM system and data. Whether you deploy Infor CRM in the Cloud, On-Premises, or in a Hybrid environment, you always maintain total control of your system and ownership of your data.

4. Infor CRMs’ state-of-the-art technology platform helps ensure maximum ROI for your business. You can define and automate key business processes, implement best practice work flows, and use sophisticated security and administration capabilities to get the most from your CRM solution.

5. Infor CRMs’ superior mobile and tablet supports your team stays productive on the go. Whether connected or disconnected, Infor Mobile CRM increases your productivity with a rich CRM experience. You can access your CRM data on the go using Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and other devices at no additional charge.

6. Multiple deployment options-Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid- to fit your IT strategy. You can deploy Infor CRM using the method that fits your IT and business preferences and industry. Whichever deployment you choose, your data is always secure and accessible and you won't be hit with surprise changes.

7. Industry-leading integration capabilities for a 360 degree view of your customers. Infor CRMs’ ability to integrate with business management applications, desktop productivity tools, and social media helps establish a holistic view of each customer.

8. Infor CRM offers a suite of powerful reporting and analytics’ tools2 that give visibility into your sales activities and business operations, enabling informed decision making for users at all levels.

9. Advanced customization capabilities to tailor the application to your unique environment. You don't have to change the way you do business to accommodate your CRM solution. You can personalize, and customize Infor CRM to make it your own.

10. Global ecosystem of Infor's partners, developers, and customers support your CRM success. Leverage the knowledge of Infor CRM Business Partners, and a vibrant Infor CRM user community for local support and specialized expertise in your CRM initiative.

The best part about Infor CRM is that it’s built for your business. It's industry-specific capabilities, deep integration, and unparalleled flexibility and control in how you deploy, use, and pay for your solution offers a best-of-breed CRM solution without compromise.

Written by: James Ramos for Technology User Lists

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McAfee – The Importance Of Installing A Trusted Antivirus

McAfee is a trusted antivirus that offers protection to your PC, smartphone or other devices which are connected to the internet. The increased usage of computers and laptops leads to rising concern about viruses that are present everywhere that could cause potential harm to your computer. Thus there is increasing demand for the need to curb the spread of viruses.

It is well known that viruses are ubiquitous on the internet and whether you use a PC, smartphone or any other gadget that works with the internet you should be cautious of the presence of antivirus that can offer ample protection to your device system.  Technically a computer virus is a code that is created to invade a computer and affect its functioning. It is known as a virus as it can replicate itself and cause havoc in the computer. It then facilitates cyber crooks to access personal data which can eventually corrupt the system. When a computer, tab or smartphone is unprotected it is necessary to keep the “auto update” feature ON.

There are multiple security software available in the market and some vendors offer them for free. The choice you make depends mainly on the type of multiple devices you have at home or go for products that offer cross-device protection. Thus one purchase will be enough to safeguard all your devices like desktop, laptop, tab or smartphone. There is a product that stands out and is more popular than the rest- McAfee security scan plan. Essentially, it is a software tool that safeguards the computer from threats and malware or unwanted programs running on your computer.

Why McAfee?

As owner of a computer, smartphone or a tab, you need McAfee software to keep your data safe. Once an unwanted program or threat gets into your computer you are at the risk of losing all the data stored on the computer. McAfee software detects threats or any suspicious activity that goes on offering you a solution to deal with such problems. McAfee software checks for updates associated with anti-virus, firewall, and web security software systematically to ensure that the computer is safe. McAfee is free to download from any software website and once you download the software, it will automatically scan the computer on a weekly basis. The major advantage of using McAfee is that the settings can also be changed to scan the system on a weekly or monthly basis.

McAfee comes with a file size of 1MB which ensures easy download. The scans are completed in 2-3 mins and while scanning it doesn’t decelerate the computer. The major highlight is that McAfee runs in the background without disturbing any of the activities on the computer.

The other advantage of using McAfee Security Scan Plus is that if you wish to uninstall the software you can do so by clicking on the start menu. To uninstall you simply have to choose the ‘uninstall’ option. This will not only uninstall the software entirely from your PC but will make room for any other desired antivirus to be installed at ease. If you have offers and products that may entice end point users, get the McAfee users lists from Technology User Lists.

The world of ever –evolving threats can be frightening. The fear may be overcome by ensuring that your system is up-to-date with the latest McAfee security software.

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The Top 5 Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

Building an app and getting people to download it for use requires special set of skills, perseverance and the aptitude for research. It is particularly important if you are looking at providing users with a fast and responsive service or a responsive website across multiple platforms. Some mobile apps are ideal for small business enterprises and start-ups. There are mobile apps that are best suited for Fortune 500 companies as well. There are mainly three basic types of aps:

Native Apps: Built to cater to the needs of the different operating systems including Apple iOS or Android.

Web-Based Aps: HTML based websites that are specifically designed for smaller screens.

Hybrid Aps: Developed using platforms like PhoneGap, Mosync; the Hybrid Aps have cross-platform compatibility along with the ability to access a phone`s hardware.

Apart from the above types of aps there are Apps that are function-specific like Gaming apps, Business apps, Utility apps and Educational apps to list a few.
In this post we focus on the top 5 challenges that app developer’s face and the best ways to overcome them.

Creating Apps that get attention:
There is immense competition in the app world and the mobile app market. Therefore there is constant pressure to come up with an app that will get noticed and downloaded for use.  The best way to create an app that stands out is to focus on building an app that looks great with graphics, usable features and intuitive design. Working towards providing a wholesome experience is yet another aspect that is going to give your apps the added advantage.

Avail funding for the App:
You have a fabulous app idea but how do you get it funded? Based on the nature of the app, the cost of development can be $3,000 to $150,000. The best way to tackle this issue is to raise funds by applying for loans, consult friends and relatives or look for a joint venture with companies that make investments in similar apps. Crowdfunding is yet another great stating point.

How to cope with the types of screens:
Users often use multiple devices with varying screen sizes, therefore designing for just one platform is a big no-no. Therefore app developers have a bigger challenge of creating apps that run across multiple devices. There are many mobile platforms that have different embedded technologies and pixel intensities. The operating system is yet another factor that app developers should consider.
The best way to combat this challenge is by opting for a highly responsive design that can be adjusted to suit multiple format and screen sizes. One of the best examples is Facebook.

Building an App that is Interactive:
Interactions are important and a responsive design is highly integral to the functionality of the App. Mobile devices today are loaded with high-tech sensors offering a plethora of opportunities.  Make the most of these sensors and ensure that the apps are user friendly. Considering the type of interaction to ensure that you are prepared to build appropriately. Restricting yourself to tap and swipe gestures may not always be beneficial. Introduce highly tangible interactions like shaking, tilting and flipping options that trigger some action.

Keeping the app really simple and clear:
It is observed that app users often complain about the app being too complicated for use. This leads to a loss of interest which may lead to the failure of the app. It may make users think that the app is too complicated for use. Keeping the functionalities simple, and self-explanatory ensures that the app is highly successful.  One more thing- make sure that the icons correspond to the native UI elements of each OS.

There are more categories of apps and the number is not likely to stop. There are apps dedicated to specific sections like lifestyle, sport, health and fitness and more. The world of app development has its set of hurdles and irrespective of the type of application. The main objective of the app is to make life easier. Business requirements often decide the type of app and gives importance to the type of app to be developed. Each app has its strong and not so strong points but the challenge lies in how the developer gets the best even in the most complex situation. For authentic data on key decision makers and data on mobile app developers purchase email list of mobile app developers from Technology User Lists.

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How business decisions are benefited by using Splunk software

Business decisions are never taken in a jiffy. Nor are they random. On the contrary the best decisions are taken based on data, facts, analysis and definitely business acumen and a bit of impulse and gut. So if you were wondering about the process of informed decision making, here’s a sneak peek to it. Depending on company size and industry, every company generates data that is commonly known as machine data. The performance insight of a company's IT infrastructure on the other hand is known as operational intelligence which extracts machine data to analyze what is going on in real-time and enables decision makers to take decisions based on that. Splunk makes such machine data accessible and user-friendly to everyone.

Machine data for Splunk is the major interest of research and that is how Splunk has come up with a lot of applications for business solutions. The benefits of using Splunk applications are many – so why not look at how business decisions are benefited by using Splunk technology?

Big Data search and breakdown- Splunk explores and analyzes machine data from chunks of unstructured data spread across clouds, servers, web traffic and machines with a record on transactions, fraudulent activity and sensor readings and categorizes them in real-time. So, while you are shopping online, your transaction data can be easily collected by Splunk software and tracked for any fraud or security theft in future.

Application Development and DevOps- If you are looking for semantic logging for writing intelligence into application logs and support DevOps collaboration, then Splunk software is what you should be looking at. Most e-commerce companies use Splunk software for breaking down huge data to get real-time marketing insights.

Detect Fraud- Splunk security solutions identifies real-time threat and audits fraud by creating reports on the state of compliance for any required technical control and saves on investigation time. Most hospitals use Splunk security solutions software.

Analyze and tap your potential customers using Splunk software or provide consultancy and training to those interested in using Splunk applications by communicating with them through Splunk users lists and Splunk decision makers lists from Technology User Lists. We assure you positive business growth with target business firms under different verticals of industries.

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Why businesses are choosing ShoreTel for unified communications

Let’s start by asking a simple question – how often do you communicate with your global customers? Regularly? Frequently? Selectively? Timely? Rarely? You can choose your answer, but the fact remains that businesses across the world, irrespective of size and industry, acknowledge the importance of b2b communications to build business relations with potential leads. Fortunately we are living in the era of cloud computing where communication can be processed through applications that can be integrated among various platforms. One name, that has with time emerged as the first choice for many business users and decision makers is – ShoreTel – the technology that facilitates unified communications and strikes a chord in digital networking through its varied lines of commuinications solutions.
Businesses require selective and positve communication throughout the entire sales and after sales cycle. The best way to establish a fulfilling relationship with their clients and customers depends on how effectively they approach communcation issues and use necessary technology and other means to simplify it. ShoreTel is a one stop solution for all kinds of business communications. So let’s try to understand why businesses are using ShoreTel for unified communications.
Benefits of choosing ShoreTel
ShoreTel comes with the promise of ease and satisfaction, offering integrated features such as instant messaging, application for presence-check of co-workers, voicemail, email, video-audio conferencing, desktop sharing with remote access and remote collaboration, and calendaring. The main benefits of using ShoreTel technology are:
  • IP Phone Systsem: Communicating with clients overseas can be a very expensive affair if done singularly through telephone service. With ShoreTel’s IP Phone Systsem, that uses VoIP, that is voice call routed through LAN connection, callers can use the VoIP enabled phone system and the IP PBX anywhere and everywhere. So, without having to miss any call, marketers can simply make great business communications.
  • Virtualization: With desktop virtualization, ShoreTel's user applications can onboard employees and contractors without losing much time and money on the installation of too many client-specific applications.
  • ShorTel’s Contact Center: ShorTel’s contact center solutions feature Interactive Voice Response (IVR), intelligent routing, outbound, and media handling. Through integrated and unified communication solutions, agents and supervisors in call centers can make both external and internal calls and effectively communicate through web chat, email and instant messaging.
  • ShoreTel Mobility: Through ShoreTel Mobility, one can get custom features on iOS and Android based devices that provide unified communications required for employees in the office. These features may range from CRM integration to peer-to-peer web and video conferencing with room-based systems, from instant messaging to all kinds of desk phone features.
     Not being present at your workplace to communicate with your clients is no more an issue. You can now get all telephonic requirements met through ShoreTel's solutions anywhere in the world and enjoy hassle-free business deals. While ShoreTel is the right tool for businesses looking at simplifying communications, the ShoreTeluser lists from TechnologyUser Lists is the right tool for marketers looking at connecting with users and customers using ShoreTel unified communications. We have teams that are skilled in the process of data compilation and can support your b2b campaigns with data that is aligned to your business interests.
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Pros and Cons of Magento Ecommerce

If you want to build a website and have no HTML knowledge then a reliable content management system is the solution. By using relevant content management system, one can manage entire internet marketing strategies under one roof as it’s easy to use and also helps to redesign the website without hassle which in turn saves time.

There are many content management systems available in the market today. Magento is one of the best CMS that most organizations opt for. Magento is an open source CMS for ecommerce websites, by which one can have control over content, look and functionality of their website. So how about getting to know the platform better!

Prons of Magento are:

Open Source Code: Magento is open to community to modify the code according to developer requirements. This helps to improve the product quality in less time. Detection of the bugs and correction is easier as it is user friendly. Additionally, Magento also allows user to add plugins and extensions according to the requirements.

It's Free: Community edition is free for download. It is the best choice for small and mid scale businesses which since it is free of charge. Users don’t need to invest any amount to purchase Magento's ecommerce platform. If user is ready to invest money for more add-ons, the Enterprise edition comes with support from the Magento team.

Cons of Magento are:

Required qualified developers: Magento has more than 200 databases, so you need an expert to select one from the wide base offering. Design, client and server side programming are the areas of web designing field and it’s difficult to find a person who will be an expert in all three fields.

Hosting: Due to the size and complexity of Magento, it can be hosted on dedicated servers which require to be configured by users. Shared hosting structure makes user experience slow for visitors.

Due to these factors the users of Magento CMS are in millions all over the world. If you are a marketers and looking for Magento users to market your services and products then you are at the right place. Invest in the Magento users email list from Technology User Lists. Email marketing yields the best results when personalized. Our databases will help you to personalize your campaigns by offering fresh and deliverable data acquired from business cards, annual reports, government listings, yellow pages and more. Since getting data on users and customers from across the globe is often challenging, we are here to help you with that!