4 sure-fire data cleansing tips

Ever wondered how you can keep your database clean?

Given below are 4 tips for you...

Hard and Soft Bounces
When you send emails, you will come across hard and sound bounces. Hard bounces indicate the non-delivery of mails due to a permanent problem. Soft bounces indicate the non-delivery of mails due to temporary problems. We have put in place a series of tests to identify the nature of the bounces. This includes verifying the error code, checking the IP etc. We segregate the hard bounces and remove them from our database immediately. The soft bounces are verified again.

Matching with the ‘Do-not-call’ and ‘Do-not-mail’ lists
Almost all countries and even some states have ‘Do-not-call’ and ‘Do-not-mail’ lists. Any contact who has signed up to be a part of these lists is not supposed to be contacted for any marketing campaigns. We match our database with all these lists and remove any matching entries.

United States Postal Service has come up with National Change of Address or NCOA service. NCOA corrects any address prior to mailing to prevent re-mailing. We ensure that any changes in addresses on the NCOA list are incorporated in our database also. Similarly we have an Email Change of Address or ECOA service where any update in the email id of any contact is incorporated automatically into the database.

Updated once in every 30 days
We keep updating our data once in every 30 days. Our data team goes through the entire process once in every month to ensure that all the data is kept clean and updated.

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