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A Real Story of how a Software Services Provider generated 600% ROI by reaching 65,000 IT Decision Makers across US


This software services provider is distinguished for its innovative eBusiness-based software and hardware asset management solutions that are focused on helping customers understand and control the assets they own. The client manages volume software acquisition and deployment for corporate and government customers. In addition to a wide range of software, the client sells hardware products ranging from component-level devices to large-scale servers.


To support its online marketing initiatives the client wanted to reach out to more B2B contacts across the US. The major challenge was to reach IT executives and decision makers in small and medium sized enterprises. Client’s in-house database that was collated through website traffic was not sufficient for an email marketing campaign. The client contacted us for a solution.


Based on the client’s target requirements I suggested a targeted list of IT decision makers in companies with more than or equal to 200 and less than 1,200 employees across the US. We provided a database of 65,000 IT decision makers’ contacts. Our records had complete contact information including name, job title, email address, company name, company size, telephone number, mailing address, etc.


  • The client’s primary need was to run an email marketing campaign, for which our records proved to be highly beneficial as we provide verified email addresses
  • The client saw unprecedented results with its email campaign as just one campaign resulted in sales that were 15 times greater than the previous campaign
  • The campaign produced a 6.5 percent conversion rate
  • The client got 600% ROI
  • Order to campaign time was one month for this project

Note: Bound by non-disclosure agreements, and due to confidential nature of the details of our engagements, we cannot reveal the names of the client in the case study, but to give you an understanding of the spectrum and depth of the project we compiled a highly representative selection of the assignments we successfully completed for our clients.

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