Data Management Process - Part III

In the last post we discussed the first 3 steps to Data Management

They are:
  • Data Appending
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data De-Duplication
In this post we will discuss the last 3 steps:

Data Verification & Validation

To verify whether the accumulated and appended data is correct or not, our verification team authenticates and validates each of the entries. This sis both a manual as well as an automated process. The technicians verify and validate the phone numbers, postal addresses, and email addresses. They also send validation messages and place calls for further confirmation. During this process the technicians also adds any additional information gathered from the contacts.

Data Segmentation

In this stage all the data collected are again compiled and collated together. We also create customer profiles as per your business requirement. Further, we segment the database as per your specifications to increase its usability. The segmentation is done based on the demographics and other characteristics of your customer information. Segmentation provides you with a framework and better understanding of your target audience and leads to better customer engagement.

Data hygiene & maintenance

It is extremely important to maintain the hygiene of your database. Regular maintenance involves adding, deleting, changing and updating records present in your database. By keeping it fresh and enriched you can drive in the maximum amount of business ROI. 


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