Keeping data clean helps you grow

As a marketer, you want to harness the power of marketing and connect with your prospects. To do it, you need to keep your marketing data clean. A healthy database is vital for the success of your marketing campaigns. Here’s how we keep our data clean.

Start from the first step
Our data hygiene process starts from the first step- Data Collation. We collect data from a reliable network of data sources. We take data only from our trusted sources and do not receive data from any generic sources. This makes sure that the raw data that we receive is accurate and reliable.

Weeding out any bad entries
The data that we take utmost care in collating might still have some bad entries. This could be because of spelling errors, typos, duplicate entries etc. All this errors are removed in the initial stage itself. All the records are checked for any such errors and are corrected. Any duplicate entries are removed as well.

Verifying each record
All the contact details in our database are verified over email and phone. Any errors are immediately replaced with the right entries. Our data experts contact each record via email and phone and make updates when and where required. This verification process happens once in every 30 days to ensure that our data is highly accurate and updated. This process also removes any spam-traps from the database.

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